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hp__ichallenge's Journal

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Welcome to hp__ichallenge!

Welcome to hp__ichallenge, an icon challenge community inspired by rh_challenge and many others. Here we are all about Harry Potter and anything that deals with the books and movies. User-info based on hp_hush's. I'm not very creative ^-^

Maintainer: snowflakie06

About the Contest:

[x] Every Sunday/Monday I will put up a challenge dealing with a cap, base, theme, lyric, etc.
[x] The amount of icons each person is allowed to enter will depend on the challenges. If you're allowed to do more than one, please enter them both/all at once. They're easier to keep track of that way!
[x] To see past challenges click here

The Rules:

[x] To be able to enter a challenge, you must be a member. It is also advised that you watch the community to continually be notified.
[x] Icons must fit the LJ standards: No bigger than 100x100 and 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.
[x] The contest will be anonymous, so please do not post your icons anywhere until the contest is over.
[x] You must enter brand new, original icons. Not icons you've already made, or use bases/blanks, make them from scratch!
[x] No animation or blending.
[x] If these rules are not followed, then your icon(s) will be disqualified.

Submitting an icon:

[x] Post the icon(s) in a comment on the post with the challenge, in both IMG SRC form and URL form.
[x] Comments will be screened.

Timeline: We are going by GMT time, so check here if you do not know about the time differences

[x] Challenges go up: Sunday/Monday.
[x] Deadline: Friday at midnight, GMT.
[x] Voting: Saturday to Sunday.
[x] Results posted: Sunday.

Voting / Winners:

[x] The amount of icons you may vote for will depend on how many entries we received for that challenge. They usually range from 1-3 for each challenge.
[x] If you enter a challenge, you are expected to vote unless otherwise specified. Not voting as well as not voting fairly results in trying to make your icons place.
[x] Everyone is allowed to vote but if I feel something is not right then I will make only the members re-vote.
[x] Do not vote for yourself, or ask other people to vote for you. That is cheating, wrong, stupid, and pathetic.
[x] If there are one or two ties of two icons, that's fine, but if there's a third tie of two, that gets a tie-breaker as well as any ties with more than two icons.
[x] Mod's Choice will be given to one icon each week.
[x] The winners will receive banners if they would like one by one of the banner makers, _applemint and sinfuldeception.


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